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Publications of supported research projects
Environemental Issues and Food Security

Publications from 6 supported projects in the thematic area of environmental issues and food security:

  • Dahino, Clint Jun Gomez, Envisioning the future of ancestral domains in Caraga Region, Philippines , 2023 Summary as View-PDF
  • Zeibig, Fredericke, Genetic dissection of arsenic tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.) by a genome - wide association study , 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Franzaring, J., G. E. Mbaka, T. F. Ambebe, J. N. Nkengafac, S. Schlosser, A. Fangmeier : Foliar nutrient and metal levels of crops in the Mount Cameroon area— reference values for plant nutrition and environmental monitoring , 2017 Summary as View- PDF
  • Mbaka Ebechue, George: Nutrient and heavy metal levels in leaves of selected crops in the Mt. Cameroon area and their possible use for biomonitoring of air pollution, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Mubarak, Dalia: Removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from aqueous solutions by organically modified clayey sediments, 2012 Summary as View-PDF
  • Zywietz, Jenny: Potential von Sesbania rostrata zur Erzeugung eines nährstoffreichen Düngesubstrats im Rahmen der biologischen Abwasserreinigung in Vietnam, 2009 Summary as View-PDF
  • Funke, Werner: Abschlußbericht zum Forschungsvorhaben "Neue Strategien zur Bekämpfung schwarmbildender Heuschrecken - verhaltensökologische Untersuchungen “ ((Final report for the research project New Strategies for the Control of swarm-forming Locusts - Behavioral Ecological Investigations), 1999 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Metzler, Matthias: Vergleichende Untersuchungen zum Putzverhalten bei Heuschrecken (Comparative investigations on the cleaning behavior locusts), 1997 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Siebe Grabach, Christina: Akkumulation, Mobilität und Verfügbarkeit von Schwermetallen in langjährig mit städtischen Abwässern bewässerten Böden in Zentralmexiko (Accumulation, mobility and pIant avallabillty of heavy metals In soils irrigated with untreated sewage effluent In Central Mexlco" ), 1994 Summary as View-PDF


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