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Publications of supported research projects for the years 2010 – 2015

Publications from 27 supported projects in 2015:

  • Aravindakshana, Sreejith, Timothy J. Krupnik, Sumona Shahrin, Pablo Tittonell, Kadambot H. M. Siddique, Lenora Ditzler, Jeroen C. J. Groot, Socio‑cognitive constraints and opportunities for sustainable intensification in South Asia: insights from fuzzy cognitive mapping in coastal Bangladesh, 2021 Summary as View-PDF
  • MD Mashiur Rahman, Sreejith Aravindakshan, Muhammad Arshadul Hoque, Mohammad Arifur Rahman, Md. Ashrafuzzaman Gulandaz, Jubaidur Rahman, Md. Tariqul Islam, Conservation tillage (CT) for climate-smart sustainable intensification: Assessing the impact of CT on soil organic carbon accumulation, greenhouse gas emission and water footprint of wheat cultivation in Bangladesh, 2021 Summary as View-PDF
  • Aravindakshana, Sreejith, Timothy J. Krupnik, T.S. Amjath- Babu, Stijn Speelman, Juan Tor-Cardona, Pablo Tittonell and Jeroen C.J. Groot, Quantifying farmers’ preferences for cropping systems intensification: A choice experiment approach applied in coastal Bangladesh’s risk prone farming systems , 2021 Summary as View-PDF
  • Aravindakshana, Sreejith, Timothy J. Krupnik, Jeroen C.J. Groot, Erika N. Speelman, T.S. Amjath- Babu and Pablo Tittonell,, Multi-level socioecological drivers of agrarian change: Longitudinal evidence from mixed rice-livestock-aquaculture farming systems of Bangladesh, 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Becker, Natalie, Micronutrient status of Cambodian garment workers before and after lunch provision program , 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Dally, Kristin, Nikolaus Hruschka, Oswald Owusu Akuoko and Nora Simons , Options for sustainable agriculture in the Chereponi District. Multidiciplinary Research Report 2015, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Doldt, Julia, Einfluss eines organischen Säuregemisches auf das Mortalitätsgeschehen von Perlhühnern in Togo (Influence of an organic acid mixture on the mortality events of Guinea fowl in Togo), 2016 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Dohmwirth, Carla, Women, collective action and empowerment - An economic approach , 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Dohmwirth, Carla und Markus Hanisch, Women and collective action: lessons from the Indian dairy cooperative sector, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ehrlinspiel, Marius, The demand for index-based weather insurance - the case of the livelihood protection policy (LPP) in Saint Lucia, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Flörchinger, Verena, Analyzing Water Spheres in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Negotiation Processes between Society and Space in a Changing Environment, 2016 Summary as View- PDF
  • Friedrich, Hanna, Socioeconomic Status and Malnutrition in Garment Workers in Cambodia, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Golembiewski, Silvia K. E., Baseline assessment and cost analysis of a supplementary feeding intervention on Adivasi children in West Bengal, India: How to diversify diets with locally available resources cost-effectively to reduce the burden of child and maternal undernutrition and anaemia?, 2022 Summary as View-PDF
  • Heiß, Laura, The alluvium of the Namulonge wetland (Uganda), its contributions to subsurface water dynamics and composition, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Kostelecky, Simon, Maximilian Kraft and Jonas Wilke , BADDIBU PROJECT - Report of alternative cooling systems in the Gambia , 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Lichtner, Ann-Kathrin, Assessing management options for Zimbabwean smallholder farmers to enhance yield reliability in face of climate change , 2016 Summary as View- PDF
  • Makurat, Jan, Natalie Becker, Frank T. Wieringa, Chhoun Chamnan and Michael B. Krawinkel, Impact of lunch provision on anthropometry, hemoglobin, and micronutrient status of female Cambodian garment workers: exploratory randomized ontrolled trial, 2019 Summary as View-PDF
  • Makurat, Jan, Hanna Friedrich,Khov Kuong, Frank T. Wieringa, Chhoun Chamnan, and Michael B. Krawinkel, Nutritional and Micronutrient Status of Female Workers in a Garment Factory in Cambodia, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Marwan Benali, Export vegetable supply chains, household labour allocation and poverty effects among small producers – Evidence from Northern Tanzania , 2017 Summary as View- PDF
  • Marwan Benali, Bernhard Brümmer, Victor Afari-Sefa, Smallholder participation in vegetable exports and age-disaggregated labor allocation in Northern Tanzania, 2018 Summary as View-PDF
  • Mertens, Jan Heiko, Mitigate Habitat Degradation in the Semiarid Brazil – Potential and Limitation of the Endemic Tree Spondias tuberosa Arruda, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Mertens, Jan Heiko, J. Germer, J. A. Siqueira Filho and J. Sauerborn, Spondias tuberosa Arruda (Anacardiaceae), a threatened tree of the Brazilian Caatinga?, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Mertens, Jan Heiko, Jarcilene Silva de Almeida-Cortez, Jörn Germer and Joachim Sauerborn, Umbuzeiro (Spondias Tuberosa): A Systematic Review, 2015 Summary as View- PDF
  • Mertens, Jan Heiko, Sonja Germer, Jörn Germer and Joachim Sauerborn, Comparison of soil amendments for reforestation with a native multipurpose tree under semiarid climate: Root and root tuber response of Spondias tuberosa, 2017 Summary as View- PDF
  • Mertens, Jan, Jörn Germer, José Coelho de Araújo Filho and Joachim Sauerborn, Effect of biochar, clay substrate and manure application on water availability and treeseedling performance in a sandy soil, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ngoc Huong, Le, Contract Farming in Vietnam: Empirical research on marketing determinants, farm performance and technical efficiency of the export-oriented rice sector in the Mekong River Delta, 2018 Summary as View-PDF
  • Peters, Maren, Bundling of Business Development Services as a Means to Overcome Institutional Voids, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Reincke, Katrin, The contribution of cassava production to food security of smallholder farmers in the regions of Dodoma and Morogoro, Tanzania, 2016 Summary as View- PDF
  • Roßner, Robert, Water Governance in Uzbekistan Lessons learnt from an economic field experiment on irrigation, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Rungpichayapichet, Parika, Application of non-destructive techniques for mango quality assessment, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Sam, Anu Susan, Subash Surendran Padmaja , Harald Kächele, Ranjit Kumar and Klaus Müller, Climate change, drought and rural communities: Understanding people’s perceptions and adaptations in rural eastern India, 2019 Zusammenfassung als Ansichts-PDF
  • Sam, Anu Susan, Natural Disasters and Household Vulnerability: A Study of Floods and Droughts with Special Reference to Food Security and Adaptation strategies in Rural India, 2018 Summary as View-PDF
  • Sam, Anu Susan, Ranjit Kumar, Harald Kächele and Klaus Müller, Household vulnerability to climate change and its implications on food security in rural India , 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Shah-Al Emran, Timothy J. Krupnik, Sreejith AravindakshanI, Virender Kumar and Cameron M. Pittelkow, Factors contributing to farm-level productivity and household income generation in coastal Bangladesh’s rice-based farming systems, 2021 Summary as View-PDF
  • Stiller, Caroline Katharina, Baseline assessment and effect of a supplementary community-based nutrition intervention study on the prevention/treatment of anemia among young Adivasi children in West Bengal, India, 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Stiller, Caroline Katharina, Silvia Konstanze Ellen Golembiewski, Monika Golembiewski, Srikanta Mondal, Hans Konrad Biesalski and Veronika Scherbaum, Maternal nutritional status and child feeding practices: a retrospective study in Santal communities, Birbhum District, West Bengal, India, 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Stiller, Caroline Katharina, Silvia Konstanze Ellen Golembiewski, Monika Golembiewski, Srikanta Mondal, Hans-Konrad Biesalski and Veronika Scherbaum, Prevalence of Undernutrition and Anemia among Santal Adivasi Children, Birbhum District, West Bengal, India, 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Tóthmihály, András: Three essays on the economics of cocoa – The technical and environmental efficiency of Indonesian cocoa production , 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ullrich, Simon, Potentiale zur Erhöhung der Nahrungssicherheit durch internationalen Handel mit Grundnahrungsmitteln innerhalb der Ostafrikanischen Gemeinschaft (Potentials for increasing food security through international trade with staple food within the East African Community), 2015 Summary only in German as View- PDF

Publications from 23 supported projects in 2014:

  • Asante, Michael, Nitrogen dynamics in lowland rice cropping systems in inland valleys of northern Ghana, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Bateki Adjogo, Christian, Elli Wahl, Kwame Ansah Baffour and Ukeme Okon Archibong, Options for sustainable agriculture in Chereponi District. Multidisciplinary Research Report 2014, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Birkenberg, Athena, The Potential of Certification for Climate Change Mitigation in the Agri-Food Sector - A case study of carbon neutral certified coffee from Costa Rica, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Dechjiraratthanasiri, Chatprawee, Choochad Santasup, Martin Werth andcJiraporn Inthasan, Effects of different rhizobium strains on nitrogen fixation of mungbean using ureide and 15N abundance methods, 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Frei, Michael, Identification and characterization of loci conferring tolerance to iron toxicity in rice, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Fröschle, Melanie: Research on the Impact of Bee Pollination as well as Application of Plant Growth Regulators on Jatropha Curcas and Characterisation of the Harvested Jatropha-Honey, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Geisler, Lisa, Tatjana Mauthofer und Komal Sharma, Localization of a Sustainable Innovation to Alleviate Micronutrient Malnutrition. A Stakeholder Analysis to Evaluate Food Fortification in India, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ibele, Benedikt, Experiments on common-pool resources: A tool for policy evaluation in water governance systems? Empirical evidence from Central and Western Asia., 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Krämer, Marion, Nutrition and Child Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries - Evaluation of Three Micronutrient Interventions, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Lemke, Nahleen, Assessing the current state of soil degradation and soil erosion potential of Kyrgyz highland pastures - a case study in Naryn Oblast, 2015 Summary as View- PDF
  • Matthus, E., L. B. Wu, G. Gregorio, M. Becker and M. Frei, A genome wide association study (GWAS) to identify genes associated with tolerance to iron toxicity in rice (Oryza sativa L.) , 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Misginaw Tamirat Arficho, Pastoral adaptation to climate change in southern Ethiopia: Land use, institutions, and sociocultural factors, 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Misginaw Arficho and Andreas Thiel, Does Land-Use Policy Moderate Impacts of Climate Anomalies on LULC Change in Dry-Lands? An Empirical Enquiry into Drivers and Moderators of LULC Change in Southern Ethiopia, 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Przysucha, Piotr, Assessment of hydro-physical properties and development of a „false chronosequence“ of anthropogenic influenced soils in wetland regions of Namulonge, Uganda, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Romero Antonio, Miriam E., Patterns of access to land by Chinese agricultural investors and their impacts on rural households in Mandalay Region, Myanmar, 2015 Summary as View- PDF
  • Romero Antonio, Miriam E., Patterns of access to land by Chinese agricultural investors and their impacts on rural households in Mandalay Region, Myanmar, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schelhorn, Svend Jonas, Profiling Loval Resilience: The importance of water for households in Earthquake-prone Kathmandu, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schlüter, Andreas, The Impact of Climate Modes and Precipitation on Tanzanian Maize, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schmid, Maximilian, Small-scale farmers, private enterprises and innovations in food value chains: Applying the actor-network-theory in rural Tanzania, 2015 Summary as View- PDF
  • Syka, Dafina Z., An application of the Ostrom Design Principles in a water scarce setting: the case of Madaba, Jordan, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Thai Thuy Pham : Specialty Rice Adoption, Collective Action and Marketing Channel Choice: Insights from Vietnam , 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Weisensee, Adrian, Betriebswirtschaftliche Strategien zur Steigerung der Preisstabilität von Grundnahrungsmitteln in Ostafrika (Economic strategies to increase the price stability of staple food in East Africa), 2014 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Wicharuck, Suwimon, Land use sustainability and soil resource conservation in northern Thai highlands, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Zanella, Matheus A. , Brazil Cooperation for Rural Development in Mozambique: scope, recent directions and new challenges, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ziegler, Martin, Survey and Analysis of the Soil Moisture Dynamics in a Wetland, 2015 Summary as View-PDF

Publications from 9 supported projects in 2013:

  • Buschmann, Anna, Quick and dirty: Institutional analysis of agricultural land privatization in Post-Soviet Georgia, 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Frei, Michael, Association mapping of genes related to abiotic stress tolerance in rice, 2013 Summary as View-PDF
  • Haddad, Danielle, Krasimir Stoyanov, Harun Ar Rashid and Felicity Addo, Interdisciplinary Report. The Options for Sustainable Agriculture in Relation to Soybean Production Chereponi-North East Ghana, 2013 Summary as View-PDF
  • Le Thuy Duong, Assessing the Provisioning Ecosystem Service Food Rice and its Linkages to Human Well-being in Lao Cai and Tien Giang Province of Vietnam, 2014 Summary as View- PDF
  • Madu Ali Bwala, Resource Allocation and Consumption Pattern of Farm Households in Nigeria: A Price Policy Analysis, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ueda, Yoshiaki, Felix Frimpong, Yitao Qi, Elsa Matthus, Linbo Wu, Stefanie Höller, Thorsten Kraska and Michael Frei, Genetic dissection of ozone tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.) by a genome-wide association study, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Vetter, Thomas C., Adapt or Die? The Modernisation of Agri-Food Markets in Indonesia and its Implications for Smallholder Horticulture Production. Insights from West Java and South Sulawesi, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Zimmermann, Judith: The biocontrol agent Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. strigae - Monitoring its envoronmental fate and impact on indigenous fungal communities in the rhizosphere of maize, 2016 Summary as View-PDF

Publications from 17 supported projects in 2012:

  • Abbas, Azhar, Non-structural flood risk mitigation under developing country conditions: An analysis on the determinants of willingness to pay for flood insurance in rural Pakistan, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Abbas, Azhar, Socioeconomic Impacts of Climatic Extremes and their Management. A Case Study of Floods in Pakistan with Special References to Aspects of Mitigation, Coping Strategies and Adaptation of Farming Sector, 2016 Summary as View- PDF
  • Arshad, Muhammad, Multidimensional Impacts of Climate Change and Climate Variabilitiy on Farming Systems in Pakistan: Implications for Adaptation and Sustainable Rural Development, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Bhuvanachithra Chidambaram, Vehicle emission reduction. An experimental approach for analysing sustainable traffic strategies, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Feldschmid, Philipp, Design for Rurban Interaction. The Agri-Cultural-Forum, Kathmandu Valley Nepal, 2012 Summary as View-PDF
  • Gersch, Inka, Die Potenziale inklusiver Businessmodelle im exportorientierten Agrarsektor - Analyse einer Kooperation zwischen Agrarunternehmen und kleinbäuerlichen Betrieben in Peru (The potential of inclusive business models in the export-oriented agricultural sector - Analysis of a cooperation between agricultural enterprises and small-scale farms in Peru), 2013 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Hamidov, Ahmad, Institutions of Collective Action for Common Pool Resources Management. Conditions for Sustainable Water Consumers Associations in Semi-Arid Uzbekistan, 2015 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e. V. (Hrsg.), Making Land and Soil Governance Work for Food Security, 2013 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Jenderedjian, Anna, Rights-based approaches and social capital in addressing food and nutrition security of the poor and women: A mixed-methods study of NGOs in Armenia and Georgia, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Kusenberg, Charlotte, Raum, Struktur, agency - Zur Entwicklung der saharawischen Flüchtlingslager bei Tindouf, Algerien (Space, structure, agency - On the development of the Saharaw refugee camps at Tindouf, Algeria), 2013 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Latif, Sajid, Tapping cassava leaves as source of proteins by enzymatic detoxification to complement unbalanced cassava starch diets, 2014 Summary as View- PDF
  • Michler, Holger, Climate and soil effects on performance attributes of Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) in Ecuador, 2013 Summary as View-PDF
  • Müller, Anna Katharina, Food safety standards in developing countries: Exploring the role of financial literacy , 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schmidt, Oscar, The political economy of agrarian change in south-east Turkey , 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ziv, Yuval, The Implementation Boundaries of Data and Information Exchange in the Palestinian-Israeli Water Context, 2012 Summary as View-PDF

Publications from 14 supported projects in 2011:

  • El Allam, Samira and Elisabeth Weise, Measuring the acceptance of LPG-Cookers in the slums of Hyderabad, 2011 Summary as View-PDF
  • Fliemann, Elisabeth, Entwicklung der kasachischen Bewässerungsregion Kyzylorda. Fernerkundliche Analyse der Degradation landwirtschaftlicher Nutzflächen mittels Landsat-Zeitserien (Development of the Kazakh irrigation region Kyzylorda. Remote analysis of the degradation of agricultural land by means of land-based time series), 2013 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Gouja, Majdi, Institutionelle Analyse von Implementierungshindernissen multilateraler Umweltabkommen. Erklärungsansätze am Beispiel der Ramsar Konvention auf der Insel Djerba (Institutional analysis of implementation obstacles of multilateral environmental agreements. Analysis using the example of the Ramsar Convention on the island of Djerba), 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Güttler, Susanna, Adding value to Andean blueberries (Vaccinium floribundum Kunth) by processing healthy products as a contribution to food security in Ecuador. Development of concentrated clarified juice and powder juice with high contents of anthocyanins, 2011 Summary as View-PDF
  • Killiches, Franziska, Assessment of water-related impacts of foreign direct investments (FDI) in the Blue Nile basin in Ethiopia, 2012 Summary as View-PDF
  • Lex, Sylvia, Sarah Asam, Sarah, Fabian Löw and Christopher Conrad, Comparison of two Statistical Methods for the Derivation of the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetic Active Radiation for Cotton, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Pütz, Katrin, Weiterentwicklung des Multi Fuel Injera Mitad zur Anpassung an unterschiedliche Kocher (Further development of the Multi-Fuel Injera Mitads to adapt to different cook stoves), 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Salvatierra Rojas, Ana, Design, simulation and validation of an inflatable solar dryer for paddy rice in the Philippines, 2021 Summary as View-PDF
  • Salvatierra-Rojas, Ana, Victor Torres-Toledo and Joachim Müller, Influence of Surface Reflection (Albedo) in Simulating the Sun Drying of Paddy Rice, 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Salvatierra-Rojas, Ana, Marcus Nagle, Martin Gummert, Tom de Bruin und Joachim Müller, Development of an inflatable solar dryer for improved postharvest handling of paddy rice in humid climates, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Sami-Ul-Allah, Towards a water and nutrient efficient forage production in semi-arid regions of Pakistan, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schick, Alina, Conversion of Subsistence Farming to Sustainable Agroforestry in the Midhills of Nepal - Participatory Action Research in System Development, 2015 Summary as View- PDF
  • Xi Zhao, Return migration and productive employment in rural China. Empirical evidence from Hunan Province, 2014 Summary as View-PDF

Publications from 14 supported projects in 2010:

  • Balgah, Roland Azibo, Managing Natural Risks and Shocks. Informal Response Dynamics and the Role of Nonprofit Organization, 2011 Summary as View-PDF
  • Barfuss, Isabel and Stanley Gwavuya, Food security in relation to household energy management in rural Ethiopia, 2010 Summary as View-PDF
  • Blum, Lloyd, Increasing Food Security through Agroforestry? Agrofrestry adoption patterns around Kakamega Forest, Western Province, Kenya, 2010 Summary as View-PDF
  • Buchenrieder, Gertrud und Roland Azibo Balgah, Sustaining livelihoods around community forests. What is the potential contribution of wildlife domestication?, 2013 Summary as View- PDF
  • Bues, Andrea, Agricultural Foreign Direct Investment, Water Rights and Conflict - an Institutional Analysis from Ethiopia, 2011 Summary as View-PDF
  • Doerr, Ulrike, Toman Omar Mahmoud and Ulrich Schmidt, Risk management of small-holder farmers in rural Ethiopia: determinants and effects of participation in a micro crop insurance scheme, 2011 Summary as View-PDF
  • Hallensleben, Martin, Assessment of Jatropha curcas Systems and their Potential for rural Development in Burkina Faso, West Africa, 2011 Summary as View-PDF
  • Gao, Haoyue, Nutrition during pregnancy and early infancy in urban and rural areas of Deyang region, Southwestern China, 2021 Summary as View-PDF
  • Haoyue Gao, Qi Wang, Elizabeth Hormann, Wolfgang Stuetz, Caroline Stiller, Hans Konrad Biesalski and Veronika Scherbaum, Breastfeeding practices on postnatal wards in urban and rural areas of the Deyang region, Sichuan province of China , 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Kersting, Sarah, Food Safety and Quality Standards in the Thai Horticultural Sector: Implications for Small-Scale Farmers, 2012 Summary as View-PDF
  • Reschke, Julia, Methoden der räumlichen Abgrenzung mediterraner Feuchtgebiete unter Verwendung multitemporaler Landsat Daten (Methods of the spatial demarcation of Mediterranean wetlands using multitemporal landsat data), 2012 Summary as View-PDF
  • Siqueira, Marcos V. B. M., Maria L. Bonatelli, Torsten Günther, Inka Gawenda, Karl J. Schmid and Elizabeth A. Veasey , Morphological and molecular diversity of water yam (Dioscorea alata) in Brazil, 2012 Summary as View-PDF
  • Teichmann, Isabel, Three Topics in Agriculture: Private Quality Standards, Marketing Channels, and Biochar, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Tiyayon, Patumporn, Physiological and Molecular mechnisms of flowering in longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.), 2010 Summary as View-PDF
  • Vásquez Vásquez , Norvis, Does participation in certification schemes lead to more sustainable agricultural production?, 2013 Summary as View-PDF
  • Vazhacharickal, Prem Jose, Produce Certification to strengthen consumers" health interests and poor farmers" household income from urban vegetable production in Mumbai, India, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Vazhacharickal, Prem Jose and Sumita Gupta Gangopadhyay, Wastewater usage in urban and peri-urban agricultural production systems: scenarios from India , 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Vazhacharickal, Prem Jose, Martina Predotova, Dornadula Chandrasekharam, Sharit Bhowmik, Andreas Buerkert, Urban and peri-urban agricultural production along railway tracks: a case study from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, 2013 Summary as View- PDF


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