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Supported Thesis Agricultural Engineering
Hermann Eiselen Scholarship Program

A total of 40 theses in the subject area of agricultural engineering were supported.

  • Schlösinger, Anne, From waste to taste: Recycling of the coffee by-product „fresh pulp“ into fruit spreads, 2024 Summary as View-PDF
  • Stadelmeyer, Kristin, Development and quality evaluation of pastries enriched with coffee flour produced from Costa Rican coffee cherries, 2023 Summary as View-PDF
  • Beck, Janna, Feasibility study of a solar powered hammer mill for Maize in rural Mbinga district, Tanzania, 2022 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ding, Siyun: Emissions and environmental impact of rice straw valorization via carbonization and composting, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schönhaar, André, Assessment of water consumption of juvenile „Nam Dokmai“ mango trees (mangifera indica l.), 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schweikle, Jonathan, Optimization of pyrolysis temperature for Biochar Production from Different Feedstock, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Munder, Simon, Improving thermal conversion properties of rice straw by briquetting, 2013 Summary as View- PDF
  • Straube, Benjamin, Development of turning devices for drying of paddy rice in the Philippines, 2013 Summary as View-PDF
  • Intani, Kiatkamjon, Non-destructive mango quality assessment using image processing: a nowel, low-cost technology for the fruit handling industry in Thailand, 2012 Summary as View-PDF
  • Raible, Marc, Ausweitung des Nahrungsangebotes in Paraguay durch bessere Verwertung von Acrocomia aculeata, mittels Optimierung des Trocknungsprozesses der Pulpa (Expansion of the food supply in Paraguay by better utilization of Acrocomia aculeata, by optimizing the drying process of the pulp), 2012 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Schulze, Katrin, Agronomic and Economic Aspects of Water Saving Irrigation Methods in Mango Production in Northern Thailand, 2010 Summary as View-PDF
  • Halle, Christian, Assessment of current drying practices for South American pepper varieties (Capsicum spp.) with respect to final product quality, 2010 Summary as View-PDF
  • De Mello Precoppe, Marcelo Figueira, Performance Analysis of a Litchi Drying System in the Upland Region of Northern Thailand, 2008 Summary as View-PDF
  • Nuss, Philipp, Investigation of biotechnical conditions of Jatropha curcas L. toward gradual harvest mechanisation, 2007 Summary as View-PDF
  • Dannenmann, Barbara Maria Elisabetha, The Potential of Bamboo as a Source of Renewable Energy in Northern Laos, 2007 Summary as View-PDF
  • Habasimbi, Kennedy Mpaliwa, Assessment of the Potential of Residues from Fruit Production as Suitable Renewable Energy for Drying Systems in Northern Thailand, 2007 Summary as View-PDF
  • González Azcarraga, Juan Carlos, Performance investigation of a Taiwan type flat bed dryer currently used for longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2006 Summary as View-PDF
  • Weis, Kevin, Solargestützte Trocknung einheimischer Holzarten in der Provinz Chaco, Argentinien (Solar-supported drying of indigenous wood species in the province of Chaco, Argentina), 2005 Summary as View-PDF
  • Nagle, Marcus Constant, Comparison of Partial Rootzone Drying with other Irrigation Regimes on Yield and Quality of Mango, 2005 Summary as View-PDF
  • Hammer, Martina, Future Potentials for Food Production and Wastewater Treatment in Havana’s Urban Vegetable Production, 2004 Summary as View-PDF
  • Owusus-Senyah, Sheila, Effects of different Irrigation and Fertilization Regimes on Yield in Mango Production, 2004 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ashiagbor, Kennedy Kwadzo, Improved Harnessing Systems for Donkeys as Draught Animals in the Guinea Savannah Zone of Ghana, 2004 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ansorge, Dirk, Methods to Determine Drought Stress and their Suitability for Application in Lychee Orchards, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Moray, Roswitha Lucia, The Analysis of the drying behaviour, the Quality changes and the sugar kinetics during the drying process of Indonesian Cocoa, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Hammer, Martina, Irrigation water conveyance systems in Mae Sa Mai as an example for a rural area in Northern Thailand, 2002 Summary as View-PDF
  • Jantschke, Cornelius, Theoretische und empirische Ermittlung des Pflanzenwasserbedarfs von Lycheebäumen in Nordthailand (Theoretical and empirical determination of the plant water requirements of Lychee trees in northern Thailand), 2002 Summary as View-PDF
  • Spirovska, Marija, Effects of Drying on Quality of Rosemary and Thyme Plants produced in the Chiang Mai District, Thailand, 2002 Summary as View-PDF
  • Möndel, Alexander, Untersuchung des Trocknungsverhaltens und der Qualitätsveränderung bei der mehrstufigen Dickschichttrocknung indonesischer Kakaosamen (Analysis of the drying behavior and the quality change in the multi-stage thick layer drying of Indonesian cocoa seeds) , 2002 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Baumann, Rainer, Untersuchung des Einflusses der solaren Trocknung in Nordthailand auf die Qualität und Lagerfähigkeit von getrockneten Litchis und Mangos (Study of the influence of solar drying in North Thailand on the quality and storability of dried litchi and mangos), 2000 Summary as View-PDF
  • Bühler, Mirjam, Untersuchung des Trocknungsverhaltens und des Einflusses von Vorbehandlungen auf die Qualität getrockneter Litchis und Mangos (Study of the drying behavior and the influence of pretreatments on the quality of dried litchis and mangos), 2000 Summary as View-PDF
  • Heitkämper, Katja, Management and Profitability of Photovoltaic Operated Pumping Systems for Irrigation in Northern Chile, 2000 Summary as View-PDF
  • Baumgartner, Daniel, Improvement of Traditional Methods of Palm Oil Processing in Cameroon, 2000 Summary as View-PDF
  • Bierling, Nicole, Anbau, Verarbeitung und Vermarktung von tropischen Früchten in der Bergregion von Nord-Thailand (Cultivation, processing and marketing of tropical fruits in the mountainous region of northern Thailand), 1999 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Schaile, Saskia, Untersuchung der Anwendungsmöglichkeiten eines Solarkochers in Togo (Study of the application possibilities of a solar cooker in Togo), 1999 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Fraas, Daniel, Ökonomisch - technischer Vergleich verschiedener Bewässerungssysteme für den Arzneipflanzenanbau in Chile (Economical - technical comparison of different irrigation systems for the medicinal plant cultivation in Chile), 1998 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Halle Ekane, Ignatius, Potentials and Limitations for the Production and Processing of Oil Palm Products in South-West Province of Cameroon, 1998 Summary as View-PDF
  • Zimpel, Anke, Technisch-ökonomische Bewertung der Solartrocknung im Kaffeeanbau Costa Ricas (Technical-economical evaluation of solar drying in coffee growing areas of Costa Rica), 1998 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Kunert, Ralf, Direktsaat in Paraguay (Direct sowing in Paraguay), 1996 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Seidel, Richard Henri, Wie sind pflanzliche Öle als Treibstoff-Alternative zum Äthanol und Erdöl zu bewerten ? - in Brasilien, in Europa - (How to evaluate vegetable oils as a fuel alternative to ethanol and petroleum? - in Brazil, in Europe -), 1989 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Berger, Ulrich, Beurteilung des Einsatzes von Einachsschleppern im Naßreisanbau am Beispiel eines "Settlement Schemes" am Lake Chilwa, Malawi (Assessment of the use of single axle tractor in irrigated rice cultivation using the example of a "settlement scheme" at Lake Chilwa, Malawi), 1988 Summary only in German as View-PDF


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