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Supported Dissertations
Hermann Eiselen Ph.D. Program
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

A total of 42 dissertations were supported in the thematic area of sustainable agriculture and food security:

  • Ahmed Abdalla, Transitions towards sustainable agriculture: The case of wheat-based production systems in Egypt, 2023 Summary as View-PDF
  • Rekowski, Azin, Quality impact of nitrogen in wheat grain properties and protein development for higher baking quality, 2022 Summary as View-PDF
  • Annan, Adjoa Tsetsewa, Quality Enhancement in Cocoa Production - a Study of the Cocoa Sector of Ghana , 2022 Summary as View-PDF
  • Imran Sajid, Options to improve irrigation efficiency and productivity under rotational delivery schedule, a bottom-up approach applied at canal Irrigation scheme in Pakistan, 2022 Summary as View-PDF
  • Barajas, Elena Mendoza, Dedicated Innovation Systems for Local Sustainability Transformations in the Global South, 2022 Summary as View-PDF
  • Kayani, Isaac Balume, Fertility and microbial functioning of soils of smallholder farming systems under contrasting tropical agro-ecologies, 2021 Summary as View-PDF
  • Burbano-Figueroa, Oscar, Yield, productivity and technical gaps that limit the cotton agricultural production system in the Colombian Caribbean, 2022 Summary as View-PDF
  • Koomson, Eric , Benefits and trade–offs of legume–led crop rotations on crop performance and soil erosion at various scales in SW Kenya , 2021 Summary as View-PDF
  • Bakaze, Elyeza, Banana weevil borer (Cosmopolites sordidus): Plant defense responses and Control options , 2021 Summary as View-PDF
  • Opata, John, Innovative propagation techniques in banana and plantain, 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Mponela, Powell, Options for sustainable agricultural intensification in maize mixed farming systems: Explorative ex-ante assessment using multi-agent system simulation, 2021 Summary as View-PDF
  • Nafi, Eeusha , Interactive Tillage & Crop Residue Management Effects on Soil Properties, Crop Nutrient Uptake & Yield in different weathered Soils of West Africa – Measurements, Modelling & Scenario Simulations, 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Orford, Rohan , A Study of Pasture Cropping as an Alternative Cropping System for Sub-Saharan Africa , 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Shrestha, Shova , Diagnosing and managing zinc and boron deficiencies in emerging crop production systems of Nepal , 2020 Summary as View-PDF
  • Lashkari-Bod, Abdullah, Functional larval-parasitoid biodiversity in apple orchards as benchmark for management intensity and potential instrument for ecological amelioration of Iranian apple production, 2019 Summary as View-PDF
  • Mpanga Kwadwo, Isaac, Fertilization Strategies to Improve the Plant Growth-Promoting Potential of Microbial Bio-Effectors , 2019 Summary as View-PDF
  • Agossou, Hernaude V. K. , Performance assessment of a bamboo-drip irrigation system - a contribution to water productivity improvement West Africa , 2018 Summary as View-PDF
  • Benefoh, Daniel Tutu, Assessing land-use dynamics in a Ghanaian cocoa landscape, 2018 Summary as View-PDF
  • Jemal, Omarsherif Mohammed , The role of local agroforestry practices for enhancing food and nutrition security of smallholding farming households: The case of Yayu area, southwestern Ethiopia, 2018 Summary as View-PDF
  • Kamau, Juliet Wanjiku , Sustainability of organic and non-organic smallholder farms in Kenya, 2018 Summary as View-PDF
  • Santos Matias, Denise Margaret, Sustainability of community forestry enterprises: indigenous wild honey gathering in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve Palawan, Philippines, 2018 Summary as View-PDF
  • Gessesse, Tigist Araya, Above- and belowground carbon stocks in semi-arid land-use systems under integrated watershed management in Gergera watershed, Ethiopia, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Gonfa, Ashinie Bogale, Effects of alternate furrow irrigation on physiological response, agronomic performance and physio-chemical quality of tomato cultivars, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Musafiri, Ildephonse, The Determinants of Long-Term Growth in Smallholder Agriculture in Rwanda: An Intergenerational Analysis, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Gil, Juliana Dias Bernardes, Land Use Change, Agricultural Intensification and Low-Carbon Agricultural Practices in Mato Grosso, Brazil, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Jin Zhang, Crop management options to reduce nitrogen pollution in Liangzihu lake basin, Central China, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Musyoki, Mary Kamaa, Impacts of the fungal bio-control agent Fusarium Oxysporum f.sp. strigae on plant beneficial microbial communities in the maize rhizosphere, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Sonam Tashi, The prospects of organic farming in Bhutan, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Sophoanrith Ro, Potential of organic manures in rainfed lowland rice-based production systems on sandy soils of Cambodia, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Abu Hayat Md. Saiful Islam, Impact of Technological Innovation on the Poor. Integrated Aquaculture-Agriculture in Bangladesh, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Gemenet, Dorcus Chepkesis, Towards understanding the genetics of tolerance to low soil phosphorus conditions in West African pearl millet, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Graw, Valerie Annemarie Martine, Interlinkages of Land Degradation, Marginality and Land Use Cover Change in Kenya. Development of an interdisciplinary framework using remote sensing and GIS, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Khin Latt, Yadana, Effects of elevated soil temperature and altered precipitation patterns on N-cycling and production of N2O and CO2 in an agricultural soil, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Muema, Esther Kathini, Abundance and diversity of total and nitrifying prokaryotes as influenced by biochemical quality of organic inputs, mineral nitrogen fertilizer and soil texture in tropical agro-ecosystems, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schachtsiek, Tilman, Exploring the potential of multipurpose tree species for revegetating abandoned cropping sites in the lower Amu Darya Basin, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Udomkun, Patchimaporn, Increasing nutritional value of papaya (Carica papaya L.) by optimizing pretreatment and drying parameters, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Grüzmacher, Monica, Understanding ecological change through palm use and management, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Mounde, Lenard Gichana, Understanding the role of plant growth promoting bacteria on sorghum growth and biotic suppression of Striga infestation, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Boaz Shaban Waswa, Assessment of land degradation patterns in western Kenya: Implications for restoration and rehabilitation, 2013 Summary as View-PDF
  • Djanibekov, Utkur, Trees, crops, and rural livelihoods: Afforestation of marginal croplands in Uzbekistan, 2013 Summary as View-PDF
  • Towett, Erick Kibet, Prediction of soil properties for agricultural and environmental applications from infrared and X-ray soil spectral properties, 2013 Summary as View-PDF
  • Shimeles, Damene Shiene, Effectiveness of soil and water conservation measures for land restoration in the Wello area, northern Ethiopian highlands, 2012 Summary as View-PDF


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