Dr. Andrea FadaniDr. Andrea Fadani (Managing Director)

He studied agricultural sciences at the Universities of Bonn and Hohenheim and gained experience in agricultural development in Malaysia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Thailand and various other countries. He did his Ph. D.-work under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Franz Heidhues in the area of agricultural economics. His dissertation "Agricultural Price Policy and Export and Food Crop Production in Cameroon - A Farming Systems Analysis of Pricing Policies" was published in the Peter Lang Edition. In 1996, under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr. Franz Heidhues, he organized the international symposium "Food Security and Innovations - Successes and Lessons Learned" initiated and supported by the Eiselen Foundation Ulm. The proceedings of the symposium was edited by Franz Heidhues and Andrea Fadani and also published in the Peter Lang Edition. Since 2000, he has been the executive director of the Eiselen Foundation and the Foundation fiat panis in Ulm.

Gabriela Däumling-Gerhards (Secretariat and Assistance)

Since 2001, she has been working for the Foundation and supported closely the founder Dr. Hermann Eiselen at his two book projects "Modern Times of the Bakery" and "Fiat panis - for a world without hunger".

Britta Stierberger (Business Administration)

Since 2016, she has taken over the business administration of the Foundation fiat panis.