History and Task
of the Foundation

In 2000 Dr. Hermann Eiselen (1926 - 2009) established the Foundation fiat panis as a non-profit foundation under civil law, which took over the task of research funding from the Eiselen Foundation in January 2010. Dr. Eiselen defined the Foundation fiat panis to be his sole heir and thereby to strengthen the importance of the successful work of the Eiselen Foundation in the field of research support to end hunger in the world.

Dr. Eiselen was convinced that the problems of food supply of a rapidly growing world population can only be solved on the basis of scientific research. Founded by him and his father, the Eiselen Foundation was a pioneer of private research support in the fight against hunger since 1982. This tradition is now being continued by the Foundation fiat panis. It initiates and promotes innovative projects of university development-related agricultural and nutritional research, which are designed to contribute to the improvement of the nutritional situation in the southern hemisphere and to alleviate the effects of hunger and poverty.

In addition, the Foundation has the task of supporting especially young academics who deal with solutions to the hunger problem.

The activities of the Eiselen Foundation, started in 1982, will continue in the Fiat Panis Foundation, this also includes the promotion and granting of prices (Hans H. Ruthenberg-Graduate Award, Science Award and Justus of Liebig-Award for World Nutrition). The Eiselen Foundation or Fiat Panis founded a total of more than EUR 13.9 million for 1524 individual research activities between 1982 and 2020. Thus, the Fiat Panis Fiat Panis supports the generation of knowledge and its application to reduce hunger and poverty in the world. This example should encourage others to participate in this task.