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Supported Thesis Agricultural Economics
Hermann Eiselen Scholarship Program

A total of 160 theses in the subject area of agricultural economics were supported.

  • Nuwanthi, Kushala Amilia, An Intersectional Analysis of Caste and Gender in Organic Cotton in Madhya Pradesh, India, 2023 Summary as View-PDF
  • Hasenbach, Fiona, How to increase the benefits of soil carbon projects for smallholder farmers? A case study from Kenya, 2023 Summary as View-PDF
  • Amankwah, Esther, Exploring the Knowledge, Perceptions, and Responses of Smallholder Farmers to the Living Income Differential in Ghana’s Cocoa Sector, 2023 Summary as View-PDF
  • Krumbe, Falk Milan Georg, The economic dependency of Ghana's cocoa sector on pollination services, 2022 Summary as View-PDF
  • Vehre, Alysha, The role of edible weeds as food amidst an herbicide revolution in Zambia, 2021 Summary as View-PDF
  • Mohammad Anisuzzaman , Understanding arsenic risks of groundwater irrigation in the rice value chain in Bangladesh, 2019 Summary as View-PDF
  • Lee, Ivan Minsung, Exploring Korea's unique development aid model via the "can-do" spirit: the case of pilot villages in northern Ethiopia , 2019 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schweizerhof, Carolin, Knowledge and perception of edible weeds in the face of the African herbicide revolution: A case study from Zambia, 2019 Summary as View-PDF
  • li>Opeyemi Obafemi, Adelesi, Economic analysis of small holder aquaculture farmers: The case of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2019 Summary as View-PDF
  • Polanco Medina, Luis A., Seasonal food access as a pathway to the double burden of malnutrition: a case study of smallholder coffee farmers in Bolivia, 2019 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schätzel, Daniela, Success factors of PGS-based value chains: A case study among smallholder Farmers in Jharkhand, India, 2019 Summary as View-PDF
  • Vargas-Carpintero, Ricardo, The potential of Acrocomia value webs for rural development and bioeconomy in Paraguay, 2018 Summary as View-PDF
  • Massuela, Danilo, Hemp as a functional crop to promote food security in Quilombola communities in the Brazilian Sao Francisco valley: A Case Study, 2018 Summary as View-PDF
  • Vargas Garro, Alexander: Measuring Economic Sustainability using a Composite Indicator in Cacao Production in Peru, 2018 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schüle, Jan: Introducing neglected drought-tolerant crops to farmers in central and southern Karamoja sub-region of Uganda: Farmers’ perceptions and early empirical evaluation of pigeonpea adoption after a seed distribution project, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schiesari, Carolina, The unequal allocation of PRONAF resources: Which factors are determining the program’s intensity across Brazil?, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Otto, Lutz-Heiner, Assessing the economic potential and land-use changes of Conservation Agriculture practices in northern Namibia - A multiperiod modeling approach, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
  • Lin, Jessie, Opportunities and Constraints in the Ethiopian Bamboo Sector: An institutional analysis of bamboo-based value web , 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Röhrig, Felicitas, Adoption of Sustainable Land Management technologies among smallholder farmers in Eastern Bhutan - A microeconomic assessment using a mathematical programming model approach, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Arcas Pilz, Verónica, Supermarkets as a diversification strategy of coffee cooperatives: the case of Coopedota R. L. in Costa Rica, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Senz, Sarah Luisa, Adoption of Agro-Ecological farming Practices - A Case Study from Burkina Faso, 2016 Summary as View-PDF
  • Deffner, Domenica, An analysis of a bean seed distribution experiment and estimation of willingness to pay for improved bean seeds in Madagascar, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ebile, Pride Anya, An Institutional analysis of the Transition from Food Supply System to Biomass Supply System: A case study of cassava in Nigeria, 2015 Summary as View-PDF
  • Loveless, Stephanie, Establishing WMAs in Tanzania: The role of community-level participation in the making of Randileni WMA, 2014 Summary as View-PDF
  • Biller, Christopher, Smallholders’ participation in high value agricultural markets: Potentials and constraints - a case study in the area of Butuan, Philippines, 2013 Summary as View-PDF
  • Agbahey, Johanes U. I., Price transmission and supply chain analysis of fertilizer in Ethiopia, 2013 Summary as View-PDF
  • Lienert, Anja, Acceptance of local farmers towards resource efficient production methods at the Itaparica reservoir in Northeast Brazil, 2013 Summary as View-PDF
  • Birkenberg, Athena, Forest Access and Governance: A case study on Karen community forestry in Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand, 2012 Summary as View-PDF
  • Dhakal, Ganesh, Risk attitudes and risk management strategies of farm households in Northern Vietnam, 2012 Summary as View-PDF
  • Atanga, Ngufor Lorimore, Assessing the Sustainability of Different Livestock Production Systems of Small Farm Holders in Amibara District, Afar Region, Ethiopia, 2012 Summary as View-PDF
  • Bosch, Christine, Impact assessment of a bio fuel plantation in Madagascar using household panel data, 2011 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schüttel, Carsten, The impacts of globally fluctuating food prices on the Bolivian price level: Market Integration Analysis and Policy Evaluation against the Background of globally soaring Food Prices in 2007/08, 2010 Summary as View-PDF
  • Bui, Kim Anh, The role of social network for credit access of rural poor households in northern Vietnam, 2010 Summary as View-PDF
  • Berweck, Sonja, Spatial price transmission analysis selected maize and wheat markets in Ethiopia, 2010 Summary as View-PDF
  • Han, Lin, The potential of oil bearing crops to improve the well-being and food security of farm households: a case study in Panzhihua, Southwest China, 2009 Summary as View-PDF
  • Xu, Lin, Struktur und Wirtschaftlichkeit der Milchproduktion und -verarbeitung in urbanen Gebieten in China (Fallbeispiel: Großraum Peking) (Structure and profitability of dairy production and processing in urban areas in China (case study: Greater Beijing)), 2009 Summary as View-PDF
  • Latynskiy, Evgeny, Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture and Poverty in Linares Province of Chile, 2009 Summary as View-PDF
  • Thürbeck, Nadja, An Assessment of Vulnerability of rural households in Mexico, 2009 Summary as View-PDF
  • Narjes, Manuel Ernesto, Is Beekeeping a viable additional income for the rural poor? An economic analysis of beekeeping and honey hunting as additional income alternatives for the rural poor in the Philippine Cordillera, Luzon, the Philippines, 2009 Summary as View-PDF
  • Chotruangprasert, Kobrat, Do Coffee Farmers in Northern Thailand benefit form Fairtrade? , 2009 Summary as View- PDF
  • Murendo, Conrad, Rainfall variability, food security, climate coping and adaptation strategies of rural communities in Awash River Basin, Ethiopia, 2009 Summary as View-PDF
  • Luckmann, Jonas, Price transmission and market integration of selected maize and rice markets in Vietnam, 2009 Summary as View-PDF
  • Sänger, Christoph, Economics of Tree Crop Production and Marketing in Post-Tsunami Aceh, Indonesia, 2008 Summary as View-PDF
  • Falkenhagen, Fabian, Costs of Organic and Fair Trade Group Certification. A gross margin analysis in a cashew nut smallholder association in Brazil, 2008 Summary as View-PDF
  • Trangkathumkul, Arveephan, Methods for identifying farm households’ objectives in land-use decision-making: An empirical application in Northern Thailand, 2007 Summary as View-PDF
  • Tebusabwa, Milly-Kevin, An assessment of microfinance outreach in rural Uganda - a case study of Mikono District, 2007 Summary as View-PDF
  • Pankomera, Pilirani, Household Food Security in Malawi: Measurements, Determinants and Policy Review, 2007 Summary as View-PDF
  • Huong, Pham Thi Mai, Production and Marketing of Indigenous Pig Breeds in the Uplands of Vietnam - An Economic Analysis in Son La Province, 2007 Summary as View-PDF
  • Metzler, Judith, Explorative Economic Analysis of Jatropha curcas. Case study at the Visayas State university, Philippines, 2007 Summary as View-PDF
  • Kingsley, Ndulue Echezona, Urban Food Security - a Case Study of Jos Metropolis, Plateau State, North Central Nigeria, 2007 Summary as View-PDF
  • Opuni, Stephen Caleb, Stakeholders’ Perceptions and Commitment to Forest Certification: The Case of Western Ghana, 2007 Summary as View-PDF
  • Nguyen, Tuan Minh, Assessing the economic efficiency of post-harvest activities in fresh vegetable supply chains in Vietnam, 2006 Summary as View-PDF
  • Milan, Florence Marie P., The Politics, Landowners’ Resistance and Peasants’ Struggle for Genuine Land Reform in the Philippines, 2006 Summary as View-PDF
  • Oburu, Rao Elizaphan, Consumer acceptance of orange fleshed sweet potato: Determinants and implications, 2006 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ndambi, Oghaiki Asaah, Perspectives for dairy development in the Western Highlands of Cameroon, 2005 Summary as View-PDF
  • Jaffé, Mercedes I. Lopez, Impact of cooperative membership on family income of smallholders - The case of coffee farmers in Venezuela, 2005 Summary as View-PDF
  • Dinh, Hoang Quoc, The Damage of Avian Influenza on Farm Household Economics in Northern Vietnam, 2005 Summary as View-PDF
  • Kassahun, Semachew, The Impact of Market Access on Agricultural Productivity and Farm Income in Western Amhara Region, Ethiopia, 2005 Summary as View-PDF
  • Owotoki, Gbenga Mathew, Gender Differences in Household Resource Allocation and its Impact on Food Security: A Case Study of Kwara State, Nigeria, 2005 Summary as View-PDF
  • Hönicke, Mireille, The Role of indigenous Vegetables for micronutrient Consumption in Southeast Asia: A cross section Analysis of indigenous Vegetable Consumption in the Philippines, 2005 Summary as View-PDF
  • Adeel, Adnan, Rural Poverty Analysis in the Punjab Province, Pakistan: A Household Survey, 2005 Summary as View-PDF
  • Anodam, John Kobina, Community-based participatory micro credit delivery: impacts and lessons from Lacosresp, Northern Ghana, 2005 Summary as View-PDF
  • Frey, Jens, Wirtschaftlichkeit und Potenzial der Biothanolproduktion in Brasilien (Profitability and potential of biothanol production in Brazil), 2004 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Heyd, Helene, Sustainable Watershed Management in Upland Regions of Northern Thailand - Analysis of Stakeholders, Policies and Strategies in the Upper Ping Watershed, 2004 Summary as View-PDF
  • Beuchelt, Tina, Vulnerability of Rural Households in Vietnam (Son La Province) - A Network Analysis of Risk-Management, 2004 Summary as View-PDF
  • Oumer, Martha, Vulnerability of Female Headed Households to Livelihood Insecurity in Rural Ethiopia, 2004 Summary as View-PDF
  • Johnson, George, Reaching the poor with micro-credit: the CRAN project in Ghana, 2004 Summary as View- PDF
  • Antwi, Samuel, Impact Assessment of Kwahu Rural Bank Credit Scheme on Beneficiaries in Kwahu-South District, Eastern Region, Ghana, 2004 Summary as View-PDF
  • Ecker, Olivier, Large-Scale Infrastructure and Agricultutral Development: Impacts on Rural Poverty in Northwest Vietnam, 2004 Summary as View-PDF
  • Blank, Daniel, Public-Private-Partnerships in Agricultural Research: Potentials and Limitations in the Case of Costa Rica, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Mergenthaler, Marcus, Integrating Non-Governmental Self-Financed Residental Social Care Services into the Context of Local Rural Development - The case of an orphanage with a dairy farm in Los Chacos Department of Santa Cruz/Bolivia, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Nkonu, Michael Kwame, Assessment of the Demand for Agricultural Market Information Systems in Ghana, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Quarshie, James Laud Kwesi, Impact of Cotton Production on Food Security - A Case Study from Savel-Nanton District of Northern Ghana, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Nimako, Dominic Amankwaah, Women’s Contribution to Household Food Security. A Case Study from Agona District of the Central Region of Ghana, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Zeller, Bernd, Assessment of the Economic Perfomance of a Solar Thermal Pump for Irrigation in semi arid India, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Flower, Paddy, Gender Differentials in Land Ownership and their Impact on Household Food Security . A Case study of Masaka District in Uganda, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Yazbek, Birgit, The contribution of women to the living standard in Lebanese farming systems - a case study of Druze families in the Chouf Mountains, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Mensah, Christian Daniel Bannerman, The role of cocoa growing in income and food security of smallholder farmers - a case from the Ashanti Region in Ghana, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Legesse, Alemu, Income diversatification and its constraints in Eastern rural Ethiopia: Implications for development interventions, 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Fritsche, Marc-André, Die wirtschaftliche Bedeutung des "Rainforestation Farming"-Konzepts für Schwellenländer in den Tropen am Beispiel der Philippinen (The Economic Importance of the "Rainforestation Farming" Concept for Emerging Markets in the Tropics, the example of the Philippines), 2003 Summary as View-PDF
  • Agyemang, Hubert, The Structural Adjustment Programme and the Poverty Level in Ghana, 2002 Summary as View-PDF
  • Straub, Matthias, Supply and Demand of Fruits, Vegetables and Pulses. A Market Study in Thailand, 2002 Summary as View-PDF
  • Bergen, Martina, Reflecting upon Conflict of Forest Management in Northern Thailand - The Role of Non-Governmental Organisations - A Case Study from Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province, 2002 Summary as View-PDF
  • Jedele, Stefan, The Importance of the World Market for Mangos for Developing Countries with Special Consideration of Thailand, 2002 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schmid, Birgit, Der Zusammenhang von Arbeit und “Gender” - am Beispiel der Situation in Sucre, Brasilien (The relationship between work and "gender" - the example of the situation in Sucre, Brazil), 2002 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Schönleber, Nicole, Economical and ecological analysis of farming systems in the mountainous area of Northern Thailand, 2002 Summary as View-PDF
  • Rahman, Mohammad Ataur, Socio-ecomonic impacts of rice-cum-fish culture in Bangladesh, 2002 Summary as View-PDF
  • Navaratne, Maduwe A.J.S., Economics of Small Scale Farming in Sri Lanka: A case study from Coconut Cattle Silvo pastoryl system, 2002 Summary as View-PDF
  • Hruzova, Veronika, The Thai Cabbage Market - Analysis of Price and Market Efficiency, 2002 Summary as View- PDF
  • Fritz, Jochen, Struktur und Wirtschaftlichkeit der Zuckerproduktion in Indien (Structure and profitability of sugar production in India), 2001 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Emundts, Alexa, The Impact of Pegging the CFA Franc to the EURO - with special Focus on the Situation of Cameroon, 2001 Summary as View-PDF
  • Hohn, Norbert, Geschäftsprozeßanalyse der Kreditvergabe der BANRURAL in Mexiko mittels Modulationssoftware "Architektur integrierter Informationssysteme (ARIS)" (Business process analysis of BANRURAL"s credit award in Mexico by means of modulation software "Architecture of Integrated Information Systems (ARIS)"), 2001 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Alker, Daniel, Farmers" Rights and Intellectual Property Rights - Can the Conflicting Concepts be Reconciled?, 2001 Summary as View-PDF
  • Siebold, Matthias Alexander, Beschreibung und Untersuchung des Weltmarktes für Düngemittel anhand eines interregionalen Handelmodells unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Entwicklungsländer am Beispiel der Republik Benin (Description and study of the global market for fertilizers by an interregional trade model, with particular reference to the developing countries, the exemple the Republic of Benin), 2001 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Wünscher, Tobias, Early adoption of Arachis pintoi as a forage legume by farmers in Huetar Norte, Costa Rica, 2001 Summary as View-PDF
  • Afflerbach, Holger Markus, Die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der Zuckerproduktion in Thailand und in Australien (The competitiveness of sugar production in Thailand and Australia), 2000 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Hallm, Petra, Struktur und Wirtschaftlichkeit der Zuckererzeugung in Südafrika (Structure and profitability of sugar production in South Africa), 2000 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Theesfeld, Insa Johanna, Vietnam"s Rural Credit Market - Determinants of Farmers" Bankability, 2000 Summary as View-PDF
  • Hägele, Jochen, Systemtransformation in Tansania: Eine Analyse des Privatisierungsprozesses aus Sicht der Neuen Institutionenökonomik (System transformation in Tanzania: An analysis of the privatization process from the point of view of the new institutional economics), 2000 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Dickhoven, Klaus Peter, Micro- and Small Entrepreneurs in Urban Northern Thailand After the Asia Crisis - The Meaning of Microfinance, 2000 Summary as View-PDF
  • Häfner, Frank, Förderung von Kleinstunternehmen durch das Bildungssystem in Chile (Promotion of micro-enterprises by the education system in Chile), 2000 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Thilo-Körner, Marianne, Einfluss eines landwirtschaftlichen Entwicklungsprojekts auf landwirtschaftliche Produktion und Einkommen bäuerlicher Haushalte in Cabanaconde, Peru (Influence of an agricultural development project on agricultural production and income of peasant households in Cabanaconde, Peru), 2000 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Korodowou, Onyadon, Effizienz des Vermarktungssystems am Beispiel von Mais im Zentrum Togos (Efficiency of the marketing system using the example of maize in the center Togo), 2000 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Dufhues, Thomas Bernhard, Ökonomische Bewertung des Zuckerrohranbaus in kleinbäuerlichen Betriebssystemen in der Son La Provinz (Nordvietnam) (Economic Appraisal of Sugarcane Production in the Son La Province (Northem Vietnam) ), 1999 Summary as View-PDF
  • Grini, Youssef, Auswirkung des Marktzugangs auf die landwirtschaftliche Produktivität in Niger (Effect of market access on agricultural productivity in Niger), 1999 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Hau, Angela Maria, Rural Market Structures and the Impact of Market Access on Agricultural Productivity - A Case Study in Doi Inthanon of Northern Thailand, 1999 Summary as View-PDF
  • Hesebeck, Carsten, Folgen von Naturkatastrophen für die ländliche Finanzierung in Thailand: die Behandlung der Risiken und die Bewältigung der Lasten (Consequences of natural disasters for rural finance in Thailand: the treatment of risks and the management of burdens), 1999 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Knüpfer, Judith, Strategien ethnischer Minderheiten in Nordthailand im Spannungsfeld zwischen staatlicher Aufforstungspolitik und Einkommenssicherung. Eine Fallstudie in zwei Dörfern der Provinz Chiang Rai, Thailand (Strategies of ethnic minorities in Northern Thailand in the conflict area between governmental reforestation measures and securing. A case study of two villages in the Chiang Rai Province, Thailand), 1999 Summary as View-PDF
  • Schiller, Simone Roberta, The Dynamics of Land Tenure and Natural Resource Management under the Influence of Social Organisations of a Hmong Village in Northern Thailand, 1999 Summary as View-PDF
  • Vieweg, Marion, Die Finanzierungsproblematik von kleinbäuerlichen Kaffeegenossenschaften unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des "Fairen Handels" - Eine empirische Studie in der Region Oaxaca, Mexiko (The financing problem of small-scale coffee cooperatives with a special focus on "fair trade" - An empirical study in the Oaxaca region, Mexico), 1999 Summary as View-PDF
  • Engelhardt, Christopher, Wirtschaftlichkeitsvergleich verschiedener Verarbeitungsverfahren für Bananen unter Berücksichtigung der Absatzmärkte für frische und verarbeitete Bananen in ausgewählten Regionen Thailands (Comparison of the economics of different processing methods for bananas, taking into account the sales markets for fresh and processed bananas in selected regions of Thailand), 1999 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Akouègnon, Guy-Erick, Institutions- und Kundenanalyse ländlicher Finanzorganisationen. Vergleichsanalyse von Fallbeispielen aus Bénin und Kamerun (Institution and customer analysis of rural finance organizations. Comparative analysis of case studies from Benin and Cameroon), 1998 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Cachay, Irina, Vermarktung der Kartoffel in den Nordanden - Departement Cajamarca, Peru (Marketing of the potato in the north Andes - Department Cajamarca, Peru), 1998 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Gutekunst, Conrad, Entscheidhungskriterien bei der Nutzung von Tephrosia candida (Roxb.) DC. als Erosionsschutzmaßnahme in den Bergregionen Nordvietnams (Decision-making criteria for the use of Tephrosia candida (Roxb.) DC. as an erosion protection measure in the mountain regions of northern Vietnam), 1998 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Schenk, Ralph Wolfgang, Einflußfaktoren auf den Kreditzugang bei Kleinbauern in Nordvietnam (Factors influencing credit access to small farmers in North Vietnam), 1998 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Luibrand, Annette, Biologisch angebauter Kaffee. Eine ökonomisch lohnende Alternative? Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel Costa Ricas (Biologically grown coffee. An economically viable alternative? A study using the example of Costa Rica), 1997 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Dürr, Jochen, Maßnahmen zur Begleichung der "sozialen Schuld" im Rahmen von Strukturanpassung: Der "Fondo Social de Emergencia" in Bolivien (Measures to meet the "social debt" within the framework of structural adjustment: The "Fondo Social de Emergencia" in Bolivia) , 1997 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Grundmann, Philipp, Wirkungen von Wanderungsbewegungen im ländlichen Raum auf die Degradierung der tropischen Wälder, dargestellt am Beispiel des Estado Sucre in Venezuela (Effects of migratory movements in rural areas on the degradation of tropical forests, illustrated by the example of the Estado Sucre in Venezuela), 1997 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Kamara, Abdul B., Die Auswirkung des Marktzugangs auf die landwirtschaftliche Produktivität und Inputeinsatz in Machakos Distrikt, Kenia (The impact of market access on agricultural productivity and input use in Machakos district, Kenya), 1997 Summary as View-PDF
  • Mertz, Wolfgang, Die limitierenden Faktoren der landwirtschaftlichen Betriebsvergrößerung - dargestellt am Beispiel Taiwan - (The Limiting Factors of Farm Enlargement - the Taiwanese Example -), 1997 Summary as View-PDF
  • Abele, Steffen, Die Auswirkung der Devaluierung des Franc CFA auf ausgewählte Agrarmärkte in Benin (The impact of the devaluation of the Franc CFA on selected agricultural markets in Benin), 1996 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Blume, Andreas, Der Weltmarkt für Kaffee unter dem Einfluß internationaler Rohstoffpolitik und Wirkungen auf das Erzeugerland Costa Rica (The world market for coffee under the influence of international commodity policy and effects on the producer country Costa Rica), 1996 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Arias-Comelli, Juan-Ignacio, Auswirkungen des MER.CO.SUR auf die Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten kleinbäuerlicher Betriebe - Dargestellt am Beispiel der Region Nordosten-Canelones (Uruguay) (Impacts of the MER.CO.SUR on the development possibilities of small farms - illustrated by the example of the region of North-East Canelones (Uruguay)), 1994 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Pape, Andrea, Der Beitrag der Frauen in Arbeits- und Entscheidungsprozessen von Bedouinenfamilien - Ein Beispiel aus Syrien - (The Contribution of Women in Labor and Decision- Making Processes of Bedouin Families - An Example from Syria -), 1994 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Pfaff, Karoline, Analyse der Spar- und Kreditnahmeverhaltens von Frauen in einem Sparund Kreditprojekt im Taluk Holalkere, Indien (Analysis of the savings and borrowing behavior of women in a savings and credit project in Taluk Holalkere, India), 1994 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Abadía-Pensel, Jürgen, Analyse der Vermarktung von Bohnen (Phaseolus vulgaris) in Kolumbien (Analysis of marketing of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) in Colombia), 1993 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Bach, Bettina, Möglichkeiten der Erosionsbekämpfung durch unterschiedliche Anbauverfahren und ihre ökonomischen Wirkungen auf die Organisation und Einkommenssituation von landwirtschaftlichen Betrieben in Paraná, Brasilien (Possibilities of erosion control through different farming practices and their economic impact on the organization and income situation of agricultural holdings in Paraná, Brazil), 1993 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Greib, Martina, Auswirkungen des GATT auf die Landwirtschaft in Südkorea (The impact of GATT on agriculture in South Korea), 1993 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Haigis, Jörg, Möglichkeiten des Resettlement-Programms zur Sicherung einer dauerhaften Existenz kleinbäuerlicher Betriebe in Zimbabwe (Possibilities of the resettlement program to ensure a permanent existence of small-scale farms in Zimbabwe), 1993 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Wiest, Mike, Die Wechselbeziehungen des Getreide-, Vieh- und Geldmarktes in Nogodoum, Yatenga (The interrelationships of the grain, livestock and money market in Nogodoum, Yatenga) , 1993 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Batzlen, Christof, Die Auswirkungen von internationaler Arbeitskräftewanderung auf wirtschaftliches Wachstum und Beschäftigung in Kerala (Indien) (The impact of international labor migration on economic growth and employment in Kerala (India)), 1992 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Hemrich, Günter, Entwicklungstendenzen in der landwirtschaftlichen Produktion nach der Einführung moderner Reistechnologie. Eine Darstellung am Beispiel von Bangladesh (Development trends in agricultural production after the introduction of modern rice technology. The example of Bangladesh), 1992 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Hetzel, Eva, Auswirkung einer Erhöhung der Nutzungsintensität einer Gebirgslandschaft auf Erosion und Einkommen von Wanderfeldbauern in Nordthailand (Effect of an increase in the intensity of use of a mountainous landscape on erosion and income of migratory farmers in northern Thailand), 1991 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Hubal, Martin, Regionalpolitik und regionale Disparitäten in Südkorea unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Provinz Kangwondo (Regional policy and regional disparities in South Korea, with particular reference to the province of Kangwondo), 1991 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Maurer, Martin, Mögliche Auswirkungen einer Bodenumverteilung im Rahmen einer Agrarreform auf die ökonomische Lage der landwirtschaftlichen Betriebe Ostrajasthans (Possible effects of land redistribution in the context of an agrarian reform on the economic situation of farms in East Rajasthan), 1991 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Neef, Andreas, Probleme der Produktionsmittelversorgung und Vermarktung landwirtschaftlicher Erzeugnisse, dargestellt am Beispiel der Provinz Al Mahwit, Republik Jemen (Problems of input supply and marketing of agricultural products, illustrated by the example of the province of Al Mahwit, Republic of Yemen), 1991 Summary as View-PDF
  • Portugal, Luz Alicia Jiménez, Marktpreise und Qualitätsmerkmale von Bohnen (Phaseolus vulgaris, L.). Anwendung der hedonischen Preisanalyse (Market prices and quality characteristics of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris, L.). Application of hedonic price analysis), 1991 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Schlauderer, Ralf, Bestimmungsgründe für das zunehmende Ausscheiden von Flächen aus dem Reisbau in West-Malaysia am Beispiel der Region Sungai Manik (Determinants for the increasing withdrawal of areas from rice cultivation in West Malaysia using the example of the Sungai Manik region), 1991 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Wagner, Liliane, Ökonomische Rahmenbedingungen für den Einsatz von Niem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) im Rahmen eines integrierten Pflanzenschutzprojektes in der Dominikanischen Republik (Economic framework for the use of Niem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) within an integrated plant protection project in the Dominican Republic), 1991 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Lorleberg, Wolf, Beitrag der Agrarreform zur pflanzlichen Produktion und Produktivität am Beispiel des Bundesstaates Sao Paulo, Brasilien (Contribution of the agricultural reform to plant production and productivity. The example of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil), 1990 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Pirscher, Frauke, Wohlfahrts- und Verteilungseffekte der Liberalisierung des Reishandels in Thailand auf Handel und landwirtschaftliche Einkommen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Optimalzolltheorie (Welfare and distribution effects of the liberalization of rice trade in Thailand on trade and agricultural income, with particular reference to the optimal tariff theory), 1990 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Rieß, Andreas, Die sozi-ökonomischen Wirkungen von Maßnahmen der integrierten ländlichen Entwicklung in Kleinbetrieben Guanajuatos, Mexiko (The socio-economic effects of integrated rural development measures in small enterprises Guanajuatos, Mexico), 1990 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Irnich, Rudolf, Pflanzenschutzstrategien und deren Kosten in wichtigen Produktionsverfahren des Gemüsebaus der Philippinen (Plant protection strategies and their costs in key farming processes of vegetable production in the Philippines), 1989 Summary only in German as View-PDF
  • Thomè, Bernhard, Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Entwicklung von Kleinbetrieben durch Milchgenossenschaften im Tal von Tulancingo, Mexiko (Possibilities and limits of the development of small businesses by milk cooperatives in the valley of Tulancingo, Mexico), 1989 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Binder, Karin, Sozio-ökonomische Analyse von kleinbäuerlichen Betrieben unterschiedlicher Mechanisierungsstufen in der Tanga Region (Tanzania) unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Zugtiernutzung (Socio-economic analysis of small-scale farms of different mechanization levels in the Tanga region (Tanzania), with a special focus on the use of draft animals), 1988 Summary only in German as View- PDF
  • Deng, Yuming, Ersparnismobilisierung durch ländliche Spar- und Kreditinstitute. Entwicklung, Einflußfaktoren und Kosten - eine Untersuchung am Beispiel ländlicher Finanzinstitute in der V.R. China (Savings mobilization by rural savings and credit institutions. Development, influencing factors and costs - an investigation using the example of rural financial institutions in the P. R. China), 1988 Summary only in German as View-PDF
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