Funding Guidlines

Applications for research projects should be submitted by professors, directors, and doctoral supervisors.

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Research projects

The Foundation fiat panis initiates and supports research projects for development-related agricultural and nutritional research.

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Master program

The Foundation fiat panis awards travel grants for master theses at the University of Hohenheim, which are focussed to end hunger and malnutrition in developing countries.

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Ph. D. research support

The Foundation provides research funding for doctoral students for development-relevant work at the ZEF, Bonn and the FSC, Hohenheim.

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Workshops / Congresses / Symposia

The discussion of scientific results and the exchange of scientists is an important starting point to stimulate the generation of new research agenda.

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Justus von Liebig-
Award for World Nutrition

In 2007, the Eiselen Foundation has taken over the Liebig-Award from the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. It is awarded to individuals or institutions who have made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of the world nutrition. It was awarded for the first time by the Eiselen Foundation in 2009. The award is endowed with 25,000 Euros and is granted basically undivided.

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Hermann Eiselen-
Science Award

The promotion of qualified young professionals is a major concern of the Foundation fiat panis. The Hermann Eiselen-Science Award has been awarded every two years since 1986 to authors for the best submitted dissertations, which provide an innovative contribution to the improvement of the nutritional status of populations in developing countries.

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Hans H. Ruthenberg-
Graduate Award

The promotion of qualified university graduates is a major concern of the Foundation. In addition to the Josef G. Knoll-European Science Award, the Eiselen Foundation had created the Hans Hartwig Ruthenberg-Graduate Award in 1999 to award outstanding diploma or master theses in the field of food security.

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