Publications from 14 supported projects in the thematic area of hidden hunger - micronutrient deficiency:

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  • Tuchman, Lauren: Food Fortification: Scaling Up Nutrition, Downsizing Choice, 2017 Summary as View-PDF
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  • Dyah Ayu Inayati: Nutritional interventions among mildly wasted children on Nias Island, Indonesia: impact on children’s nutritional status and knowledge-practice of caregivers, 2011 Summary as View-PDF
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  • Gruber, Evi-Kornelia: Die Bedeutung des Hirsebreis für die Dorf- und Stadtbewohner der Nuba-Berge/Süd-Kordofan, Sudan (The importance of the millet porridge for the village and city inhabitants of the Nuba Mountains / South Kordofan, Sudan), 1985 Summary only in German as View-PDF